Kee's Tiny Treasures Childcare

MInden, NE


My name is Keeley and I am the proud owner of Kee’s Tiny Treasures Childcare. I opened my childcare program in 2012 because I knew I wanted to stay at home with my oldest daughter, and my then, 2 month old daughter.

Throughout my high school years, I was always babysitting for families and was employed at a local childcare facility. I knew I loved being around children, loved helping them learn, and they are some of the best kind of people to be around, so why not continue to do what I love and watch children grow and learn daily! **Bonus Deal**: My three daughters love getting to have “daycare siblings”.

Here at Kee’s Tiny Treasures Childcare, not only will your child(ren) laugh a lot, dance their hearts out, learn and grow, they will also be in a family like atmosphere. Your child(ren) will receive daily hugs and snuggles! Our home will become their home away from home.

We strongly promote a family like relationship with, not only the children, but with the parents/guardians as well! We are a team in teaching and developing these little minds.

I have been a licensed childcare provider since May 2021. I have one substitute, who is my fiancé, Heather. Many will recognize Heather from seeing them work at Children’s Physicians in Kearney. Heather too, LOVES kids! Heather has been working in the nursing field since 2012. My fiancé and I are both CPR/First Aid Certified. Our childcare participates in the Step Up For Quality Program and the food program.

We have a large yard, with lots of room to run and play, with age friendly playground toys! During the summer, we have fun water activities and a wading pool for the children to play in.

Our childcare does have 5 fur brothers. We have 3 cats- Milo, Buster, and Dallas, and 2 dogs (poodle/yorkie mix & beagle mix)- Cookie Pickle and Kirby Vacuum. The feline kids usually keep to themselves during childcare hours, and are away from the children, but may make an appearance here and there! Our 4-legged barking kids love to give kisses and play fetch with the children.

Our Crazy, Fun, Loud, Happy, Childcare Home will offer your child(ren) a safe, loving, learning environment.

Thank you for considering Kee’s Tiny Treasures Childcare!

PO Box 375
325 N Colorado Ave
Minden, NE 68959

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