Axtell has shown great signs of progress in the last few years. In the center of Axtell you will find the newly remodeled Axtell Community School. You will also find a newly remodeled Community Hall and on the south end of main street you will see the new grocery store. Axtell also has new areas of housing development for the growing community. Industrial tract on west side of Town.

The school and churches are hubs of the community, which still have the small-town, Midwestern lifestyle desired by many. Basic economic activities in Axtell include farming and farm related occupations. In addition to the local businesses, Axtell is known for Mosaic – Bethphage Village of Axtell, which began providing services for the developmentally disabled in 1913.

Axtell is governed by a village board consisting of five members.  Steve Popple is Chairman and other members include Rod Young, Wendell Hansen, Glenn Frecks, and Jeff Nelson.  Vicki Nelson is the Village Clerk/Treasurer.  The Village Office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am until 11 am and 1 pm until 3 pm and can be reached at (308) 743-2437.

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